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Integrating Transactive Energy into Virtual Power Plants - How So?

The concepts of virtual power plants (VPPs) and transactive energy (TE) are similar in that they place prosumers—formerly passive consumers that now also produce energy—front and center in an emerging market for grid services delivered by distributed energy resources (DER).

Navigant Research believes that the future of energy rests on the foundation of cleaner, distributed, and intelligent networks of power. The VPP model presents a compelling vision of the future, as does TE. When combined, new revenue streams for diverse energy market stakeholders are inevitable. The biggest question is: What portion of the VPP/TE vortex of possibilities will find its way into prosumer pockets?

Much more work needs to be done to flesh out these prospective advances, but in a new report entitled VPP Transactive Revenue Streams, I identify six grid services that I predict could become enhanced by integrating TE within the VPP framework. Much more work needs to be doneto put money into stakeholder pockets, so I’ve also briefly identified the regulatory challenges that need to be addressed to make these revenue streams real:

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