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Locavolts Unite: Volume I: Fun Facts on Wind Power, Manufacturer Energy Costs, Nuclear Power and Drones

The traditional argument has always been the being green is great, but it costs more. That basic assumption is being turned on its head these days on a variety of fronts.

Here’s just one example. The much ballyhooed federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s ‘Clean Power Plan” has been assailed by the fossil fuel industry – especially coal – as a disaster for the economy. Consumers would bear the brunt of this transition to cleaner power sources, and our fragile economic recovery would also be jeopardized.

Yet a recent study shows that the cost of natural gas – which currently supplies roughly 58% of California’s electricity supply – would go down, not up, if wind power is substituted for traditional polluting fuels. In fact, the benefit could add up to $20 billion nationwide every year

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