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Earth Day in Marin County: Take Action Today!

Like most annual events, Earth Day has gone through an evolution over time, and like the environmental movement in general, has become commoditized and co-opted by special interests with questionable credentials.

On this Sunday, I will be participating in a different kind of Earth Day event, one which will hark back to some of the grassroots activism that spawned the environmental movement in the first place, but also include a fair dose of fun and music, etc. I will sing my "Clean Power - Right Now" song about 12:40 pm, a song I used to play with my old band Space Debris.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me will be roundtable discussion with two other dudes named Peter at 1:25 pm, focusing on the topic of climate change solutions that rely upon the seemingly contradictory ideas of markets and the commons, the latter the concept that there are things that do not belong to private parties, but are, in essence, collective resources we all share. Peter Joseph is a strong believer in the carbon tax and how implying such a penalty on carbon will change the world; this solution could even be embraced by Republicans! Peter Barnes, on the other hand, believes in a "cap and dividend" solution, and runs an institute dedicated to preserving "the commons." Both have been on my KWMR radio show. While the other two Peters focus on top-down solutions seeking change at the federal government policy level, I will render my two cents worth about a bottoms-up solution: the microgrid!

I will also be interviewing Lori Grace and Adam Scow on the controversial topic of natural gas fracking, which was recently halted in California due to activist pressure on state regulators. That happens at 2:20 pm. At 4:25 pm, my final interview of the day will be with Garth Lenz about his international movie about Tar Sands in Canada, a topic making the headlines as we await President Obama's decision on the Keystone pipeline.

All in all, should be a great day, filled with actions people can take right now to help heal the planet.


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