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Nanogrids, Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants

Expert on new energy business models such as nanogrids, microgrids and virtual power plants, covering cutting edge energy and environmental issues for over 25 years.

Renewable Energy News Audio & Video

ASPIRE/Bloom Energy and Morgan Stanley Video #4 on Microgrids

ASPIRE/Bloom Energy and Morgan Stanley Video #3 on Microgrids

ASPIRE/Bloom Energy and Morgan Stanley Video #2 on Microgrids

ASPIRE/Bloom Energy and Morgan Stanley Video #1 on Microgrids

Schneider Electric Innovation Summit: Data Centers and Microgrids - The Perfect Match?

(November 2018) Andy Haun, CTO of Schneider Electric, and I discuss why data centers should clearly consider upgrading critical infrastructure to clean energy microgrids to bolster reliability and capture new revenues from on-site assets.

Commonweal: Building Community Resiliency Through Microgrids

(October 2018) I am joined by Margaret Bruce of the Local Government Commission and Darren Malvin, CEO of American Solar, in a discussions about how microgrids can help prepare communities for future potential disasters.

VERGE Hawaii Podcast: Community Guide for Microgrids

(July 2018) Podcast featuring interview by Angie Hacker of Prosper Sustainably, discussing what local governments agencies should consider when contemplating microgrids to build community resiliency. 

NPR: San Francisco's Microgrid Program

(September 2016) Podcast talking about new research on earthquakes in San Francisco area, and why that means microgrids should be deployed ASAP!

Grid Locked Podcast: New Hampshire National Public Radio

(March 2016) Podcast about grid modernization, with quotes from yours truly on the concept of a "virtual power plant."

Solar PV and Microgrids TV Interview

(March 2012) I discuss the growing role microgrids can play in helping the world add more solar PV.

Future Tense: ABC Australia

(Oct 2013) Why microgrids are the wave of the future

The Real Story on Solyndra

(Oct 2011) Solyndra should not be the object of our wrath -- subsidies for fossil fuels are a much bigger issue.

Skype Interview on Prop. 23 with PBS Los Angeles Affiliate

(Oct 2010) Background on California's energy history based on my UC Press book

Google's Investment in Offshore Wind Power

(Nov. 2010) Podcast with IEEE Spectrum

New YouTube Video on Renwable Energy

Recorded in February, 2010 in Stinson Beach, I extoll upon the virtues of "locavolts" and renewable energy, including the power of the ocean.

Why Microgrids Now?

(Nov. 2010) IEEE Spectrum Podcast: How IEEE "Islanding" Standards to be Published in 2011 Will Help Microgrids and Locavolts in West Marin

(Oct. 2009) Peter Asmus gives a pep talk and he plays with his band in Point Reyes Station on October 24, 2009.

Has California's Pioneering Spirit on Energy Faded Into the Sunset?

(Sept. 2009) California was used to being No. 1 on all things involving energy. What happened?

KQED - Perspectives Alternative Energy Rivals

(Aug. 2006) Why has Texas overcome California when it comes to wind power? Does it matter, when Texans also choose to embrace new coal power plants that escape traditional air pollution controls?

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