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Expert on new energy business models such as nanogrids, microgrids and virtual power plants, covering cutting edge energy and environmental issues for over 25 years.

Public Speaking on Energy and Environment Issues

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My public speaking gigs typically focus on energy and environmental issues. While some of these presentations have been made at conferences and events I have also helped organize, I am also a seasoned interviewee for radio and TV stations. Among the public relations firms that I have partnered with are The Better World Group and Caroline O' Connell Public Relations.

Most of my public speaking gigs these days are as a Navigant Research representative talking about microgrids. Recent presentations have taken place in locations as diverse as Alaska, Barcelona, Spain, Ontario, Canada. Other scheduled talks in 2015 include gigs in Denmark, Chicago and San Diego. Please see the Navigant Research section of this website for the most up-to-date information.

As President of Pathfinder Communications, and a book author, I have appeared on several radio and TV shows.

Energy and Environment Issue Radio and TV Appearances

Marketplace Morning Report/NPR & PRI radio (over 1,100 stations nationwide)

Week in Review/Adelphia Cable TV (airs statewide in California)

Michael Jackson/KLAC-AM

Mid-day and Evening News/KRON-TV (NBC)

Channel 8-TV, Springfield, Virginia

Morning Show/KPFA-FM (Pacifica)

Up For Air/KPFK-FM (Pacifica)

News Feature/KCBS-AM

Sunday Magazine/KLLC-FM (CBS)

The Green Hour/KTIS-FM (CBS)

Wisconsin Public Radio

Between The Lines/Metro Networks (syndicated book reviews to over 800 stations nationwide)

WRQX-FM in Washington, DC/ABC


Besides these radio and TV spots, I also make presentations as part of my education and outreach work advocating for a more sustainable future. For example, I have organized the following event featuring the following fellow panelists:

Disaster Preparedness for West Marin:

Why We Need Microgrids (and Why We Need Them Now!)

Where: Stinson Beach Community Center, 32 Belvedere Avenue, Stinson Beach, CA 94970

When: Thursday, October 18th, 7-9 pm

The ever present threat of earthquakes, and recent proposals by utilities to shut off electricity during times of extreme fire danger, highlight the need to invest in greater resiliency in isolated, rural communities such as Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, Bolinas and the rest of West Marin. The impacts of global climate change will only increase our vulnerability. One solution is microgrids, islands of power that can keep operating once the utility grid goes down, leveraging existing solar systems that may also go dark in the absence of batteries and other microgrid technologies.

Right now, the Stinson Beach Community Center has a solar system and a propane generator. If PG&E shuts off the grid because of extreme fire danger, the solar will also have to shut down, unless a battery is installed. It is also possible to combine the solar, the generator and a battery into a microgrid which could provide power for the community in the event of a sustained power grid turn-off or outage.

Longer-term, should the West Marin communities think about a community-wide resiliency plan, where individual homes (with solar and batteries) could also extend emergency services to the elderly, children and others in need of special care?

Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni will be in attendance and will make an opening statement. Local resident and global microgrid expert Peter Asmus will lead a discussion among a panel of experts:

• Darren Malvin, CEO of American Solar, a solar company that started in Stinson and Bolinas and which is currently designing a microgrid for the Bolinas Community Center.

• John Sarter, CEO of Off the Grid Design, LLC, a San Rafael-based company that designed an award-winning net zero energy nanogrid condo in San Francisco.

• Craig Wooster, lead engineer for the Stone Edge Farm microgrid in City of Sonoma, which successfully operated for 10 days during the Sonoma fires in 2017. He is currently developing seven more microgrids in Sonoma County, all of which feature hydrogen vehicles.

• Vipul Gore, CEO of GridScape Solutions, a Fremont-based company that installed microgrids at three fire stations in Fremont and is now developing 12 more microgrids for fire stations in Stockton area.

• Aleksey Toporkov, President, ARDA Power of Ontario, Canada, a company specializing in direct current (DC) microgrids which may offer environmental, efficiency and permitting benefits.

• Chris Johnson, CEO, Blue Planet Energy Systems, a lithium ion battery company active in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Refreshments will be served and there will be plenty of time for Q&A from the attendees.

Environmental and Energy Public Speaking Clients:

American Wind Energy Association

California Association of County Planning Commissioners

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Cape Cod

Solar Living Institute's annual SolFest Festival

Solar Sebastopol Fair & Celebration

Washington State's Whitman College

Global Exchange

AHC Group, Inc. of Saratoga Springs, New York

Point Arena Energy Project

Wisconsin Environmental Initiative's Energy Forum

National Press Club in Washington, DC

Clean Edge

UC-Davis' Whole Earth Festival

City of San Jose

Sustainable Fairfax

Environmental Forum of Marin

Stinson Solar Sunday

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