Renewable Energy Resilience

Nanogrids, Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants

Expert on new energy business models such as nanogrids, microgrids and virtual power plants, covering cutting edge energy and environmental issues for over 25 years.

Pathfinder Communications

Affordable Alternative Energy Solutions for a More Sustainable Economy and Environment

Pathfinder Communications is a sole proprietorship that I created in 1999 that specialized in developing affordable solutions for private and public sector clients looking to build a more sustainable economy and environment.

Pathfinder Communications has worked with a number of pioneers and trend-setters in the renewable energy field. Another area of expertise was Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder engagement exercises. Once I moved to the Bay Area in 2001, the company expanded into community organizing to develop local solutions to global problems such as climate change. Since Pathfinder Communciations got its start in Sacramento -- the state capitol of California -- some of my work also addressed the need for political reform to address a broad range of pressing public policy challenges.

The firm offered a range of customized services that include "free media" placements, national and statewide political networking, and strategic advice on new approaches to communicate and stimulate solutions to energy, environmental and social concerns

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