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Introduction to Energy in California

A book by Peter Asmus

This key reference is a primer on energy in a state that continues to lead the world in finding sustainable solutions to one of the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century. While much public debate has focused on fossil fuels, this clearly written guide provides essential information on a broader range of issues—where our energy comes from, where future supplies will be found, and what new advances are being made in the area of renewable energy sources. Making the complex world of energy science and policy accessible to a wide audience, Peter Asmus examines the rich human history of California's earliest oil and hydroelectricity developments, explains the natural history underpinning the state's cornucopia of energy sources, covers such controversial sources as nuclear reactors and liquified natural gas, and more.

Introduction to Energy in California includes:

* Discussion of oil, nuclear power, coal, emerging alternative technologies, and renewable sources including geothermal, solar, wind, and hydropower

* Analysis of the challenges and solutions facing California and the world on energy-related issues such as global climate change

* Compelling case studies of corporations, governments, communities, and individuals working on today's most pressing energy questions

* Color illustrations, useful maps, and clear graphics throughout

"If you want to know about energy in California, this book is for you...The author has provided something for everyone in this well-illustrated book. Asmus offers a balanced view, and stresses that the cleanest energy is that which we do not have to produce."


"This book has lots of juicy tidbits on development of oil and hydropower in California, which were the main focus of the industry from 1850 all the way until 1950, when natural gas and nuclear became much more important. I highly recommend the book for anyone in energy or public policy fields."

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