Renewable Energy Resilience

Nanogrids, Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants

Expert on new energy business models such as nanogrids, microgrids and virtual power plants, covering cutting edge energy and environmental issues for over 25 years.

New Green Revolution & Locavolt Event Services Now Available!

Are you looking for an organization (or organizations) that can help you pull together what is needed to create a great event related to greening the planet, supporting local organic food providers and which would be enhanced by some thought provoking and/or fun music?

Then consider this new service offering by Pathfinder Communications, KT's Kitchen and Space Debris Musical Services. Peter Asmus, book author, consultant, reporter, poet and musician, is available for talks on the following topics:

Renewable Energy

What are the key choices and trends shaping our energy future?

The Microgrid Revolution

How can communities, businesses and government become islands of energy self-sufficiency? Who are the cutting edge players making this bottoms-up innovation happen? How does one become a "Locavolt?"

Smart Grid: The Pros and Cons

Does the smart grid have to be controlled by utilities and based on wireless systems? Why Edison was right, and how DC may supplant AC electricity during the next century.

What Makes Change Happen? 

Tales from the trenches, including insider insights regarding the successful campaign to close down the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant, the creation of the wind power industry in California and ways in which business and communities can forge progress at the local, regional, national and global levels of governance.

Introducing Event Chef, KT’s Kitchen

What is an event if there isn't anything good to eat? That's where KT's Kitchen comes in. With her French background, and knowledge of cuisine handed down through generations, KT is a master at presenting and delivering healthy, delicious and affordable food for any event. With a long list of happy customers, and flexible rates, KT's Kitchen is simply the best Marin County has to offer.


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