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Nanogrids, Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants

Expert on new energy business models such as nanogrids, microgrids and virtual power plants, covering cutting edge energy and environmental issues for over 25 years.

Print Article Appearances

             (July 2018) An article based on my recent presentation to real estate industry for RealComm conference in Las Vegas this past June. 

              (June 2018) A story that includes a quote about why what happens in Puerto Rico is important for the global market for microgrids. 

             (December 2017) Why the growth of microgrids is inevitable, and why these resilient systems are ideal solutions to global climate change. 

             (December 2017) A microgrid being developed by Engie and Schneider Electric shows how combining diverse resources with artificial intelligence can create a system running on 100% renewable energy. 

             (October 2017) Article based on a new white paper sponsored by Schneider Electric about why data centers should consider advanced microgrids to bolster resiliency through state-of-the-art power infrastructure. 

             (October 2017) Peter Fairley includes me in an article about microgrids and Puerto Rico. 

             (July 2017) An article that sums up global deployment data for microgrids. 

             (July 2017) Interview with Microgrid Knowledge about my most recent report for Navigant Research. 

             (June 2017) This blog sums up a recent White Paper I did for Enbala Power Networks and a related webinar that will take place on August 15th. 

             (May 2017) Story is based on a recent report about commercial and industrial (C&I) microgrids. 

             (May 2017) I argue that a recent blackout, and the threat of earthquakes, should prompt San Francisco to move quickly on building a fleet of 12 microgrids. 

            (April 2017) Why coal and Tar Sands oil no longer make sound economic sense. 

            (April 2017) This article in Microgrid Knowledge highlights findings from a new report on O&M revenues opportunities flowing from past and present microgrids. 

               (January 2017) Article published by my friends at highlighting recent research on VPPs, the ultimate example of transactive energy. 

              (January 2017) Article based on a recent white paper published by Spirae of Fort Collins, CO identifying the roles both customers and solution providers need to play in order to grow the microgrid market.

             (January 2017) Read about how companies as diverse as giant ABB and tiny Tecogen are moving forward with microgrids that can be put together like Legos. 

             (December 2016) This article published in The Sacramento Bee speaks to how California offers a blueprint on energy that would serve the nation well, despite the apparent shifts in priorities in Washington, DC. 

              (November 2016) This article provides an overview of utility involvement with microgrids, and why public power entities may be better suited to microgrids when compared to the private utility counterparts.  

             (November 2016) This article references my recent report for Navigant Research showing that while software is the key enabling technology for VPPs, it is energy storage where the most money can be made during the development phase. 

             (September 2016) This article described some new upgrades Tecogen has made to its CHP units that now enable plug-and-play integration of solar PV and advanced batteries. 

             (August 2016) In-depth article in Utility Dive about trends in microgrid business models and related financial challenges - and potential future solutions. 

              (August 2016)  What is a virtual power plant, and how does this concept fit in with the broader theme of how the Energy Cloud is transforming our energy system?

              (August 2016) Most of the hype and press about ideas on community resiliency have been trumpeted on the East Coast. In San Francisco, 12 microgrids are moving forward focused on renewable energy. 

              (August 2016) Navigant Research blog about Horizon Power is seeking to streamline operational excellence with what will soon by perhaps the largest portfolio of remote microgrids in the world. 

             (June 2016) Microgrid Media article about my latest report for Navigant Research on "utility distribution microgrids." 

              (June 2016) Article in Utility Dive about my recent white paper sponsored by Sunverge on how public utilities are fostering innovation with smart energy storage. 

              (June 2016) I am quoted in a story focusing on how traditional players such as Caterpillar, which manufactures diesel generators, is venturing out into the renewable energy market for remote power. 

             (May 2016) Peter Fairley quotes me and refers to Navigant Research in this big picture story, which features one of my favorite topics: microgrids. 

              (May 2016) Some surprising facts from two data trackers: one from Eaton; the other from Navigant Research.  

             (March 2016) National Geographic story featuring Navigant Research market forecasts on campus microgrids, the leading market opportunity in 2015. 

             (March 2016) Microgrid Media story about webinar featuring Powerstream and Sunverge on March 15th. 

             (March 2016) A new report from ILSR provides an overview of the U.S. microgrid market. 

             (December 2015) Article published in Sun-Connect News referencing two recent Navigant Research market forecasts on nanogrids. 

              (December 2015) One of four stories published within the last month pertaining to the latest update to the Navigant Research global data base on microgrids. 

              (December 2015) Story published in Forbes about how remote power in Africa and the rest of the developing world is key to saving the climate with distributed renewables. 

             (November 2015) Story on net metering and demand charges for The Sacramento Bee. 

             (November 2015) Article based on an interview at the VERGE conference in San Jose, CA.

             (October 2015) Article published in Forbes about declining costs of advanced batteries. 

             (October 2015) Story about new report on Solar PV plus Energy Storage Nanogrids. 

             (September 2015) Story comparing market forecasts (Navigant vs. GTM).

(July 2015) Forbes Magazine interview about how innovation in developing world could be fostered by new distributed energy resource technologies.

(Dec. 2014) Rising diesel fuel costs in developing countries spurring microgrid growth.

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